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È più forte di loro, non lo fanno apposta. Sono uomini e donne che si svegliano e sono già di cattivo umore.

Qualsiasi persona incontrino, incarna l’immediato bersaglio contro il quale scagliare il profondo malcontento che li abita.

Si comportano come i teen-ager ben rappresentati dall’adolescente ‘Menabotte’, un personaggio di “Asterix e i Normanni” che viene mandato nel villaggio degli irriducibili galli per diventare uomo.

Menabotte, come ogni adolescente, è dotato fin dal primo mattino di due armi: il “fa tutto schifo” che gli permette di manifestare il disagio del proprio corpo che muta, e il “quel che dici è sbagliato” necessario per contrastare l’adulto e crearsi una propria identità. Fin qui il processo rientra nella normalità.

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Me lo ricordo benissimo, quel giorno, perché ero in ospedale a fianco di mia figlia nata da poche ore. In camera con me una primipara con il suo piccolo Matteo.

Era l’ora delle visite e i due bebè dormivano beatamente quando la stanza, con l’arrivo dei nonni paterni e del padre di Matteo, si riempì di chiacchiere e regali.

Quando il piccolo si svegliò, la madre lo prese in braccio dicendo: «Nonni, vi presento Matteo». La risposta dell’anziano patriarca in doppio petto blu, mi lasciò senza parole, ma non senza pensieri.

Disse: «Benarrivato Matteo, anzi, ingegner Matteo» aggiungendo che, in una famiglia di ingegneri, era il traguardo minimo che ci si potesse aspettare. La madre del piccolo abbassò lo sguardo velato di tristezza e, mentre marito e suocera tacevano rassegnati, il nonno, impettito, sorrideva soddisfatto a tutto campo.

Io osservavo la culla del più giovane ingegnere che avessi mai conosciuto e mi immaginavo cosa sarebbe successo se anche lui, come Lorenzo, avesse disatteso i diktat familiari.

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A 7 years-long Journey.

The spur arrived when I was 40 and, by chance, I read something about the Germanic New Medicine ( NMG ) and Dr. Hamer, the initiator.
A few lines describing briefly the "violators" concepts of the NMG, sparked in me an interest that took me by surprise.
I immediately bought a book that deepened those concepts.
In it I found laws, postulates, rocking statements totally unrelated with what I was hearing in respect of the medicine.
I ate up that first book with unbridled curiosity and gradually I understood that this unexpected interest was caused by the need to have answers to questions that I had for years.
Some examples:
"Why am I allergic to pollen since I was 8 and no one was able to cure me? Why are they trying to cure me with drugs whose side effects are far worse than the 'disease' itself? Why these drugs are not healing the cause of the disease, but just work on the symptoms?"

I asked the same questions to the doctors I met, looking for a way of healing. I was looking for answers in books, medical texts, in the scientific literature available on the web, without success. At best.
Oh yes, because when I found those answers, they were nothing but increasing my dissatisfaction and the perception of the state of helplessness and ignorance of medicine in relation to the so-called 'diseases'.

One example for all:
If you ask yourself, "Why am I allergic and others do not?”
The answer given by doctors was, and still is, as follows: "You are allergic because your antibodies have an excessive defensive reaction to the appearance of an external agent "the allergen" in your body." 
This can be confirmed by the intolerants who are reading now.
Well, that answer is it? Is it this an answer that enter into the merits of the cause of the problem?
It is still the description of an effect.

Sure I could feel proud of having" antibodies with superpowers", but my question is still pending ...
I tell you more; as I was insisting and asking: "Why are my antibodies responding in this way, while those of a non-allergic people have a normal response?"

The answers I got, the same all intolerant or ”sick” people general can hear, were those kind of answers that deny the foundation on which the scientific mind and the medicine itself are grounded. As an example: " What do you want me to tell you my dear, you're unlucky" or "The disease is unpredictable, like a tile that falls from the roof" or even "It could be hereditary, do you have any case of intolerance in your family?"

That’s an other life jacket that doctors cling when they do not know what to say.
It deserve to be treated separately and in any case it falls into the category of non-response, however, it casts suspicion on the fact that we can be ill for some others faults.
What do you think about it?
Try the reader to think about the perfection of nature stained by a so big bug.

And where goes the sense of evolution if there was a possibility that a new individual was born equipped by a manufacturing defect, eventually programmed to occur only after a while?
When I talk about this topic with physicians, they immediately fume, grasping the statistics. Statistic figures certainly have a meaning, but medicine uses them in the wrong way when it is not investigating about the cause, looking into the reason of a 'disease'. 

The right question in this case is the following: "Am I innocently inheriting the disease from birth or am I growing up, educated, shaped in a family environment and cultural life that during my early years shape my program habits, behavior, character, lifestyle, ability adaptation, my reactions to the positive and adverse events, and so on?"
It’s time to go back to my need to get the answers about the real cause of physical discomfort, or my 'disease', if you prefer.

My new studies were giving me the first answers.
I was shaken, astonished, and they left me in disbelief at the beginning, frequently forcing me to deepen even more into in order to find more logical and perfect answers.
It is not my intention to go beyond the NMG since it is not the purpose of this article.

I will only say that every wisdom that guide it, it is based on logical research of the original cause of a 'disease' and on the interpretation of symptoms as a signal or an effect of it, and never on the disease itself.
Well! That said, you can imagine how pleased I am to have found in a long time, the answers I was looking for.
Finally, at age 40, I understood the true meaning of 'disease'.
To put it better, I realized that any 'disease' has a meaning .
A meaning.

If you just think it over, try to think of the state in which you are when you discover to be sick without a reason.
Try to think of the difference that can go in the case of a serious 'disease', the one that terrorize us - between someone sick convinced to be unlucky, hit by bad luck, by a divine punishment or a curse that hangs over his family ( inheritance) and another 'sick' aware that the same discomfort is a perfect biological program with a precise meaning.

Compare how a person can deal with a 'disease', maybe said as "incurable" or "bad bad" a person if he is afflicted with questions such as:
"Why me?" Or "What have I done wrong to deserve this?"
and on the other hand how someone else can fight, fully aware of the significance of that 'disease', when he knows that he can work on that message to resolve it completely.
No bad luck. No divine punishment.
Although the temptation is strong, I will not go into explanations or examples nor in the dynamics discussed in the texts I studied.

It is not my job.
I'm not even sure that the answers provided by the scientific sources I have studied are the only ones available.
They are certainly valid, but they do not rule out those other ancient Oriental disciplines that have reached the same conclusions, through different routes.
My goal is just to describe my own personal journey to those who are looking for answers, as I am.
In this regard, I must hasten to add that, having obtained the answers and understood the reason why we are 'sick', after the hangover of happiness unleashed by this new awareness, I immediately realized that I had done only half of my journey.
Here is the new question that aroused in me: "Now that I know why I’m 'sick' , how do I heal myself?"

Awareness is important, but it alone is not sufficient to heal yourself.
As I was able to understand, the NMG, while it represent an infallible and irreplaceable diagnostic tool, it does not tell us completely how to heal ourselves.
It explains us exactly what happens during the healing process, but it is not so precise about how you can start the healing process.
The other half of the journey was just to find out how to do it.

Luckily there are people, doctors, scientists, lovers of real research who are teaching us how to heal ourselves, and they are many more than I expected to find.
They are pure, brave, free from the bondage of the powers that bend the minds to the business reasons. They keep their moral integrity of truth seekers and they are not work for commission.

I have personally met many of them. They taught me that it is true that a symptom is always traceable to a definite conflict still alive and present in our minds, even if we do not realize it, it is also true and possible to work on the mental level to get rid of the symptom and the so-called 'disease'.
I tried it on myself. Are I recovered by allergy and, later, from other diseases.

I became more and more skilled in understanding the conflicts that lie behind a health problem, regardless of whether it's a serious thing or just a sore throat.
It is a difficult exercise at the beginning , but very interesting and evolving, as it is the practice to understand themselves, to learn how to deeper know ourselves.

The more we know ourselves, the investigation research of the conflict becomes easier and the problem resolution faster.
So I completed the second half of my journey in search of the missing answers.
I did not expect that this new ability to deal with the discomforts of health could turn into a method to prevent them at the same time.

To Know ourselves means to be able to predict our reactions to negative events and be prepared to address them in the best way to prevent them from turning into conflicts, which in turn intended to become 'diseases'.
I hope that my experience can be helpful to those who are reading. 

I wrote it here with the awareness that everyone must make his own path, and it should not be read as the 'aim’ of a suggestion to anybody to follow the same steps. 
The message that I would like to give is just to always claim for an answer to your questions, to never settle for false answers. 
It is not easy. I know. 

Very often the "non-answers-answers" are satisfying, they calm down and always set on the wrong track. 
A true answer startles. Often it hurts. It is difficult to understand or accept it at the very first moment. 
Beware then of the answers subside you, but, first of all... 

Ask yourself QUESTIONS!

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A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they'd be asked the "half empty or half full" question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: "How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz. She replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn't change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes." She continued, "The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything." It’s important to remember to let go of your stresses. As early in the evening as you can, put all your burdens down. Don't carry them through the evening and into the night. Remember to put the glass down!

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