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Cancer is a natural phenomenon you can live with

Posted by on in NUOVI ORIZZONTI
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Cancer is a natural phenomenon you can live with and it can heal itself. It’s confirmed by a Swiss research
By Edward Campbell - Posted on January 4, 2014

What if you could live with cancer?
The question sounds provocative, but the answer is fascinating: yes, you can.
Do you want evidence of it?

During the 8th National Congress of homeopathic medicine in Verona (1) , held in November 2008 , results were presented of autopsies performed in Switzerland on corpses of dead people not for disease - for example, in a car accident - and the results proved that many of them had one or more tumors, but they did not know they have them.
This specific investigation revealed something shocking :

38% of women (between 40 and 50 years old) had a breast tumor (in situ);
48% of men over the age of 50 had a tumor (in situ ) to the prostate;
100 % of women and men over the age of 50 had a tumor (in situ) to the thyroid.
A tumor in situ means a closed carcinoma, locked in his capsule, non-invasive, which can remain in this stage for a long time and even regress.

The clinical and social psychologist Luigi De Marchi, author of numerous essays known internationally, also confirms that cancer is not necessary lethal: "It isn’t odd that, in the autopsies on the bodies of the old farmers living in our most remote valleys, I found tumors naturally regressed and neutralised by the body itself: they are all people who were healed by one of their tumors and then they died for other reasons totally independent from any tumor pathology. "

Exposing his doubts about the usefulness of diagnosis and cancer treatments, De Marchi ( 2 ) wonders: "If the highly ballyhooed diffusion of cancerous diseases in the recent decades throughout the western world could be an optical illusion, produced by the diffusion of early diagnosis of cancers that once went unnoticed and regressed naturally?

And if the so trumpeted increase in cancer death was only the result of the scare to death caused by the early diagnosis and by the terrifying climate of the hospitals, or by the debilitation and intoxication produced by invasive, traumatic and toxic therapies used by the official Medicine ? Therefore, if all this was the outcome for the block caused by the anguish that diagnosis and therapies cause to the natural processes of healing and regression of tumors?'.

Of course , we know that in the course of life it is "normal" to develop tumors, the same medicine knows that there are thousands of cancer cells produced by the body every day. They are later destroyed and/or swallowed up by the immune system when the body is working properly.

Many cancers can regress even if our vital and healing energy (Vis Naturae Medicratix ) is free to act.
But what happens to the vital mechanism of self-healing, if after a cancer diagnosis life is literally shocked by the information of the disease? It happens that the power is given to the disease rather than to the possibility of healing. And as Quantum Physics teaches us that the observer changes the observed and our reality depends on the "possibility" that we choose within the field, here is that the tumor is automatically strengthened.

Furthermore, at a biochemical level, we must not forget that chemotherapy destroys all the cells that are quickly reproducing themselves, such as cancerous ones, but also those of the immune system. Here’s how  chemotherapy eliminates sick cells, but also those that should heal us. In fact, at best, chemotherapy can counteract the 80 % of the tumor, and the remaining 20 % will be eradicated only and ever by our body. Undergo a session of chemotherapy is therefore not always so favourable, especially in light of the fact that today we known that chemotherapies are a concurrent cause in the tumor’s growth.

Any examples?
An extensive research conducted for 23 years by prof. Hardin B. Jones, a physiologist at the University of California, in addition to reporting the use of falsified statistics, also proved that cancer patients who are NOT undergo to the three canonical therapies ( chemo, radio and surgery) survive longer or at least no less than those who receive these therapies. ( 3 )

Prof. Jones has shown that women suffering from breast cancer who refused conventional therapies showed a median survival of 12 years and a half, four times longer than that of three years reached by those who are subjected to comprehensive cares. ( 4 )

Another study published in The Lancet of 13.12.1975 (concerning 188 patients with inoperable bronchial carcinoma) shows that the average life of those treated with chemotherapy was 75 days, while those who received no treatments had a median survival of 120 days. (5)

On this blog, we do not want to push you to refuse oncologist examinations, screenings and treatments for cancer, but we intend to provide you just the information that are normally obscured, and that may help the choice of treatment of a patient.

It should be emphasised, in fact, that the studies refer to tumors "in situ" , namely without metastases. If the tumor is localised, the immune system of our body still has all the resources to be able to control it, combat it or even eliminate it altogether. This is because cancer cells are simply mad cells that have received an informational error and that, therefore, have stopped working properly. Giving them the right information, they can restore their proper function. Our life force works exactly in this way: it corrects informational errors that our body receives when it’s exposed to different types of stress on a daily basis.

Dr. Mark Fincati, the creator of the RQI method, starts from these principles for restoring in the body the proper flow of energy through three solutions that address the three levels of our being (matter, energy and spirit) killing different types of stresses (imbalance of the five elements, toxins, electromagnetic pollution, emotional stress) that we risk to suffer, more or less consciously.

"Every sick cell is a cell that does not receive love. In fact, in a stressed condition, our body activates the sympathetic nervous system, a shelter system. It’s the fear that activates our sympathetic nervous system. Often, in our modern society, due to the fears generated by constraining beliefs, we activate it more than needed. So we inhibit the parasympathetic system which, on the contrary, is the mechanism of growth and development of our body that allows us to remain always in a state of perfect balance and wellness. When we are in the parasympathetic we are in love and our cells receive all the right information to keep themselves in good health."

Such as psychology, psychosomatic illnesses and spontaneous healing confirm thatall the instructions received by our body are coming from our minds. But not from its conscious side: 95% of it is in fact controlled by our subconscious. The problem is that today we hardly put into communication between them our two thoughts, conscious and unconscious. The RQI method, through a scientific approach and kinesiological tests, teaches us how to communicate with the unconscious and how to become aware of the model that sustain our lives.

(1) Conference "Medicalization of life and health communication" Dr. Gianfranco Domenighetti - former Director of Health of the Canton Ticino - held November 22, 2008 at the VIII National Congress of homeopathic medicine
(2) Health kaput with the placebo myth?, Luigi De Marchi
(3) "The Betrayal of medicine" Alberto Mondini
(4) Idem
(5) Idem


Amo la vita, sempre, anche quando non la capisco, anche quando soffro, ancor di più quando esplodo di gioia; trovo sia un’avventura straordinaria che si rinnova ogni giorno, al sorgere del sole.

Suono di rado, ma con amore, il pianoforte e canto mentre guido. Non ho tempo per le frequentazioni sterili, ma non guardo l’orologio quando un amico ha bisogno di me; l’amicizia è un dono meraviglioso e mi ha salvato la vita.

Mi piace leggere, lasciarmi rapire dai notturni di Chopin e riempirmi con un bel film.

Adoro il fuoco, la fiamma viva, il calore che mi trasmette. Amo viaggiare e vivere le emozioni della natura, dell’arte e degli incontri inattesi. Quando posso fuggo all’isola d’Elba dove, nell’incedere lento e potente del mare, mi rigenero.

Non mi annoio mai, trovo che il semplice esistere nel presente sia entusiasmante.


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