Born for happiness, born for a dream

Born for happiness, born for a dream
... because over the molten rock the flowers grow

It is not true that everything goes wrong, it is not true that it will be worse later, but it is true what everybody feels internally. Is it insecurity? Is it fear? If so, we have to realize that these emotions don’t belong to us, they are simply the consequences of what we breathe wherever we turn our eyes and ears.

I don’t want to say anything about the reasons of these phenomena, but how we can cope with them, as well as why we should.
Let me start off with the question “why?”, mentioning the words used by the President of Uruguay, José Mujica, during his speech at the United Nations Conference on June 21th, 2012 ”We come into existence to be happy. Because life is short and quickly passes away. And there is nothing as valuable as life.”

We come to life for wealth, for joy, for love and if just these targets clash  with our situation, it is not because they were not true, but simply because something brought us to miss the objective; it is as if we were departed to reach a particular place and, on the way, several diversions, crashes, engine breakdowns, moved us so far as not to attain the envisioned target.

What do we have to do to find the way again? There is a different road for everybody, but the common factor for all of us exists and it is our passion, our objectives, our desires, and our dreams.

What is our dream? Everyone has his own, and if we are unable to get it back into the depths of our memory, it is only because it was buried by the influences endured. That dream is going with us since our childhood, it arose when we preferred a toy over an other and there was something in which we easily turned out and well, in a flow of instinctive actions. It was our skill.

Later we fully entered the system, they 'taught' us what is good and what is bad, and very little mattered if we were talented for math and not for languages; we had to be successful in every field. We have developed a uniform knowledge, and the choice of a job or what we set out to study was often based on what other people had decided for us, because we were getting used to obey and not to follow our wishes. This is what happened in many issues of our life, and that choice often became a cage that gradually was entrapping us.

It is time now to break those chains which entangle us, to focus on our dreams, and take the very first step toward liberating ourselves; we will face many obstacles and stumbling blocks, but if we refuse not use them as excuses to give up, we will experience the happiness that comes when we pursue our feelings and sentiments. Today the important thing is to walk through the first yard and get going because twofold are the ways: to stay where we are, or to act and get going.

Recently I went on top of a volcano (Etna - Italy) and, while I was ascending, I was surrounded by the solidified lava; I stepped on it, I breathed the black powder, the view was filled by black, everything was black but, suddenly, I realized that on the lava the flowers were blossoming. That's it! The lava is covered of flowers, and it tells us that in order to discover them, we have to start walking.

Some days ago I phoned Dimitra, a Greek friend of mine, for the usual birthday wishes. Although I knew the sad economic and personal conditions that characterize her life, her voice was brilliant: “ This evening I will throw a party, though people say I’m crazy; I don’t have a job, I don’t have enough money to pay my bills, what should I have to celebrate? But I have invited some friends, everybody will bring something to drink or to eat, and we also have someone who will play music; I will offer my place for the party,  our wishes to have a good time, and the party is all set..... Last New Year's Eve, I wrote down my aims for 2013, and I put them into the hands of life. And do you know what happened? It’s unbelievable, most of them already came true! I also asked for a job and a monthly salary of 3,000 euros and, although it seems impossible here in Athens. Today, on Monday, I will start a new job and it will not be a makeshift, but it will be my dreamed-of job and they will pay me 3,000 euros monthly. And listen again: Yesterday I had to pay a bill, but I was short of some money; then a friend of my mother’s popped in - her mother died years ago - we remembered our mothers with tears in our eyes and later, before she moved away, she gave me 100 euros to buy something; it was just the amount lacking I needed to pay the bill.”

Do you think that Dimitra is a lucky person, someone who lives in a different world? No, she lives in Greece, that now is even more on its knees then Italy, but Dimitra has the sun inside and that sun is making her existence shining. Thanks to a path of awakening, she was able to have trust in herself; faith is not hope, but certainty, and it helps her to live and not to indulge in self-pity. If we really trust in life (in the universe, in energy, in God or however we call it, life will answer to us and will do it with open-heartedness and generosity. We have to believe in our goal and imagine it as already realized; this will be the spark that will start the engine, and direct us toward achieving our goal.

This is no utopia, it happens to all those who are awakened and have trust in themselves; anyone is worth of what he is inside. and the awakening is the result of an individual path bound to unearth our deep spirit moving beyond our training.

A further step will find ourselves all involved to link the optimistic people, as Dimitra, who believe in the beauty of life in spite of the external situation; in this way we will trigger a positive wave that will flow all over the world.
In order to try it every day it will suffice to do something with love to the people; I’m referring to small things like a smile, a “good morning” said to someone we meet on a bus, a coffee that we offer to a stranger who is nearby of us in a bar, or the coin we leave in a shopping trolley for someone else we see frisking his pocket in vain.

With these words I’m throwing a stone in the ocean to generate a wave and, with that wave, a new information; I want to keep speaking to the world about joy, love, and dreams.

I would appreciate your help though: I'd like to ask you to send me your mails (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Mail to me  about your dreams, the little or big stories of love you know or have hears about, so that I can spread them around and let others participate.

If you believe to be here for happiness, if you want to spread your smile along the whole world, write to me on the blog and share your flower, maybe grown on the lava. Together we are an explosive power; let’s crowd and be contagious to the world, let’s explain to everybody that happiness exists and that it comes from every one of us, because it is already inside us!

We’ll be the people who believe in the beauty of life, and we will recognize one another because we will offer coffee and smiles; we will try to spread harmony   across the world, and we will live burning in the never-ending run to the dream. All together for a dream of everyone!

One dream!

Bianca Brotto