What is it that you are dreaming of? Is there something that you enjoy doing, and that you've always wanted to do? When a human being is able to live his passion, his eyes will burst of joy, and the Universe will ignite in him a light that puts a glint into the eyes of everyone else!

Tonight I had a dream - A.B.Christiansen

Tonight I had a dream

I was walking on the sand, my Lord was on my side, on the dark screen of the night all days of my life were shown.
I looked behind me and I noticed that in each day of my life there were shadows on the sand: one was mine the other the one of my Lord.
So I walked till the end of my time.
Then I stopped I looked behind me, and I noticed that in some places there was only one shadow..
Those days were the more difficult in my life, times of a very strong pain and a great fear...
So I asked:
My Lord, you said you would have always been with me for the entire life, I accepted to stay with you, but why you left me alone, especially when times were so hard for me?
So the Lord answered:
my Son, I love you and told you that I would have always been at your side for your entire walk, and that I would not leave you not even for a while, and so I did not.
When you saw only one shadow on the sand, those were the days in which I carried you in my arms.