What is it that you are dreaming of? Is there something that you enjoy doing, and that you've always wanted to do? When a human being is able to live his passion, his eyes will burst of joy, and the Universe will ignite in him a light that puts a glint into the eyes of everyone else!

The 101 Wishes Technique ( Igor Sibaldi )



 This method allows you to step out of your normal condition, leading out of yourself, just like a deep meditation or fasting.

This happens through the mind, gently, lightly, and it leads in the long term, lasting and wide changes, precisely because it is continuous and it always adds a little bit. Gradually, by dint of working with these rules, the perception of the world around you changes. In fact, the normality is to have 10-12 wishes, but as you wish many more, you will become wider and wider. Every time you see something you’ll wonder, "Do I want it or not?" , In other words does it hits me? Will it be part of my future

Every moment in our life we face a flood of opportunities that we are not used to see, because we look downward. Someone taught us so, to look downward, avoiding the dogs poop (or obstacles). And we do it well, but in the meanwhile we miss the opportunities made for us, that we think we do not deserve.

This method allows you to see the opportunities that are offered us, and after few months it occurs that the world is no longer the same. You start working on your personality, maybe wishing some skills for yourself. Any desire we are able to express is a form of premonition; not simply a figment of our imagination, but a sudden extend of our perception, sizing an occasion in the future that is coming towards us, and that it can help our inner development.

What we call "to lust" is actually the way our most extensive perception tries to announce our rationality those occasions it perceived in our future, and to convince it not to resist and not to get distracted when those times will come, but to come forward and grasp them.

This explanation is clearer confirmed when wishes are braver: therefore the problem is to clarify the degree of courage needed to ensure our perception the chance to see the opportunities, the “desires”, so important to us regardless of what those "desires" may appear to our rationality at the first glance.

To summarize the video, this technique is to write 150 desires, once we have written them only 101 will be chosen.
These 101 desires must be perused every day, until they are fulfilled, or something happens that brings us to achieve them. When a wish come true, you are replacing with an other one among the 49 excluded.

10 rules you must follow :
1 - wishes have to start with the words "I want"
2 - Avoid writing "not”, and no other negation
3 - Every wish must be no more then 14 words long, including commas (14 is the number of words that a person can say with a single breath emission)
4 - Do not express serial wishes ( I want a house in London, I want a house in Paris etc ...)
5 - Write wishes for objects or targets and not the money to buy them
6 - Do not compare yourself with any other, "I want to be as high as .... "
7 - Avoid wishes you cannot verify, for example, "I want to be rich," how much? Always specify a value and avoid abstract values.
8 - Do not use nicknames or diminutives
9 - Do not express wishes referred to others, always say how you can help them; not
"I want my cousin can heal" but "I want to help my cousin to heal"
10 - Avoid love affairs or other relationships with specific people, you might regret.


from: http://www.consulentiolistici.it/la-tecnica-dei-101-desideri-sibaldi/ (translated by Bruno, onedream's angel)