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Paper Art


 By  Canadian paper artist, Calvin  Nicholls


I  wonder how this man dreamed up something like this?
I guess  he was wondering one day what to do with hisspare time,  picked up a piece of paper, and started  cutting.
He  made something pretty and then decided I can  make other  things just as pretty or even more  beautiful. So  he practiced and practiced and got better and better, and in  time discovered he really had a talent that not many  other people have.

Take the time to look and see what I  mean.

There  is nothing simple or ordinary about his paper  art. Where  we would simply use a piece of paper and a pair of  scissors, Calvin uses everything you could possibly think  of to carve,cut and rip perfect details onto his  creations.
The  motifs are all wildlife, and that must be one of the  hardest categories of things to make with paper since there are sometimes  impossible details on animals. These  details are amazing! I  can't even fathom the time it must have  taken to  create these masterpieces of art.










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